How Does Hosting Influence Google Analytics?

A lot of people don’t understand just how important it is to have a quality hosting service. It is a very powerful thing and you have to use the best if you want to be successful. One of the things that will get you a huge number of new visitors to your website is Google itself. Search engines popular such as Google will have a huge influence on your success rate, therefore you have to do everything in your power to make your website appealing to search engines. The one thing that a lot of people don’t realize can change a lot of things is the hosting service. Hosting services can have a lot of influence on your Google analytics. Here are some things that hosting can influence.

Slow Pages

Websites that are loading very slowly will never be at the top of any search engine list because they have a system that looks at the load time of each page and ranks them by it. That’s why if you have a slower loading website, you will not be ranked well with a search engine such as Google. The simplest websites that have only text a no pictures will load the fastest, however, if they are hosted by a very bad server, for example, a free hosting service, then the page can load very slow because the RAM and CPU of the server are clogged up. Therefore, just having a simple page will not guarantee you fast load time, you must have good hosting server also. Sometimes it is worth to pay a little more just to get a far better hosting server which will rank you high on search engines.


One thing that will have a greater influence on the google analytics than slow loading pages is downtime. If you don’t know what downtime is, then you probably shouldn’t run a website. Downtime is the actual time when your website is offline due to issues on the server that are hosting your website. Of course, nowadays almost every web hosting will offer 99% uptime, but you never know that you can trust them until you try it out. unfortunately for people that have downtime quite often, google will rank them on the bottom because that is one thing that has a great influence. Google is sending each day their bots to check out all websites, and when a bot reports that a page is down, then you will be punished by ranking you low.

Google is the leading search engine and they have some very advanced methods and techniques to find out all the bad hosting servers. That’s why you should never be satisfied with the cheapest version because you will be ranked low in google analytics. Which will result in you not having any traffic at all because all the people will go to your competitor that is ranked higher on Google. To avoid this issue, you have a very simple solution and that is to pay monthly some money for a much better hosting service.